Utah’s Political Process

Utah’s political process begins every two years in neighborhood caucuses throughout the state where members of each precinct vote for delegates to represent them at county and state party conventions. Delegates then attend the conventions to vote for candidates that will then face each other in the public general election.

Getting involved

First visit the Lt. Governor’s site to find your precinct number. You must be registered to vote to participate. Most caucus meetings allow you to register to vote during the meeting if you’re not already. Next, visit the website of the political party you affiliate with for time and location for your precinct. If you’re not registered with a political party, you can declare your affiliation at the meeting. In order to run or vote for delegates, a person must be 18 years old at the time of the election (August primaries and November general election) and a registered voter. The various parties may have additional rules about party affiliation.


Utah GOP

The Utah GOP website can be found here.



Utah Caucus Information

Information on how to locate your local caucus can be found on the Utah Voters website.


Precinct Info on Utah.gov

More information about Utah precincts can be found on the Utah government website.